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13 Creative Vertical Vegetable Garden Design

Everyone knows that we have been hit by Corona virus and cause us to limit activities outside the home. Mostly, everyone get bored and want to go outside because there is no interesting activity at home. To

21 Vertical Garden Design On Balcony Wall

Balcony vertical garden. Do you have a balcony space in your home? what do you do to make this space more functional and beautiful? renovation? or just the blank space? Actually, you can make this space to

27 Vertical Garden Design For Outdoors Wall

Having vertical garden in the house will change the nuance and give a fresh oxygen for you and all of your family member. You can install this garden style anywhere you want, like in your kitchen and

Rattan Standing Planter Ideas, “Beautiful Decoration”.

Rattan standing planter. Rattan is one of usable root to make a planter pot. Many people use this rattan as planter pot and put them as their house decoration. It might be strange ideas if you never

22 Creative Hanging Plants Ideas to Beauty Your Home

Hanging plants is the plant pots that placed hanging on the wall or roof of room. You can put up this plant on indoor or outdoor of your house. If you will put up your plants indoor,

Garden Home? This is 12 Creative Decoration For You

Home garden is the usual place that is always in the house. Having a garden in the home environment will make the air circulation for you to breathe clean and smooth. Not only that, seeing green leaves

5 Best Indoor Vertical Gardens To Beautify Your Room

Bring a natural feel to the home is an effective way to freshen your room. That’s why many people place indoor plants. However, not everyone is lucky to have a large room, the reasons for limited space