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9 Simple Room Wall Painting Ideas

Beautify your empty wall with this simple room wall painting and create an elegant nuance in it. You can use these several ideas and adopt them as your wall decoration. As we know, In the painting world

11 Amazing Wood Slat Decoration, just for you!

House is a place to do everything, and of course, the house is the only comfortable place to go home. Many people do their activities at home, especially in this pandemic situation. Working from home, school at

10 Light Yellow Color For Your Room Decoration

Brightening a room is also important for maintaining your mood, and adding the right colors is the easiest way. Color trends are always changing every year, including yellow though not necessarily a trend, this color will always

19 Rattan Furniture Add Natural Vibes

Rattan furniture, what do you think if someone will change all of their home items become rattan, that is ok? Basically adding some rattan furniture in the house will give you a different nuance. Your house will

20 Flooring Decoration Ideas. Try it!

Flooring decoration ideas. Every one has a tile in their house, they decorate and design their floor according to their wishes. For most people has unique tiles will add to their love with their home because their

13 Mat Ideas For Your House Floor

Mat? Are you looking for cute, adorable and unique mat for your house? There are several types of doormats that you can use, ranging from doormats made from coconut husk, used cloth (kain perca), and other fabrics.

19 Wicker Crafts Ideas, Complement Your Home Furniture!

Wicker furniture ideas. Having many furniture in the home is one everyone’s dreams, fill with many type and luxurious furniture will add your home more beautiful. Nowday, not only luxurious and expensive furniture only which can make

23+ DIY Beautiful Lamp Shade, So Cute!

Lamp shade. A room will be dark and even spooky when it is dark without any lighting. Just like a lamp that does not have a cover, the function will remain the same but the beauty will