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18 Wall Decoration Ideas. Smart and Beautiful!

Wall decoration ideas. Have you ever thought about your blank walls? What do you do to make this wall change to be more beautiful and looks different? Sure, redecorate them! All our house is covered by a

20 Flooring Decoration Ideas. Try it!

Flooring decoration ideas. Every one has a tile in their house, they decorate and design their floor according to their wishes. For most people has unique tiles will add to their love with their home because their

16 Unique Attic Interior: This is a Brilliant Design!

Attic interior. Does your house have an attic? What are you using that room for? You can take advantages this room to be more functional and useful. Commonly, many people make this room as their bedroom or

21 Vertical Garden Design On Balcony Wall

Balcony vertical garden. Do you have a balcony space in your home? what do you do to make this space more functional and beautiful? renovation? or just the blank space? Actually, you can make this space to

21 Special Ideas : Dark Blue Kitchen Tour

Dark blue kitchen. Who is does not have a kitchen at home? There are not, everyone has this room. This important room has a lot of cooking and eating utensils. Usually this room has a large and

19 Gorgeous A Victorian Style House Ideas

Victorian house. Hello, all. Good night! What is your first impression if you hear about “Victorian” words? do you think about the queen or famous style? Both could happen, sure, everyone know about this famous style. That

Bedroom Interior: Electric Bowery, Hotel in San Diego

Bedroom interior. The Pearl is a boutique hotel located in San Diego, California, designed by Electric Bowery. Operated under the direction of Casetta Group, the space underwent an overhaul renovation mixing mid-century aesthetics with Casetta’s philosophy of sustainability. The combination

7 Best Interior Bedroom Design. Try It!

Bedroom design. Having a beautiful and comfortable bedroom interior is everyone’s dream. The room is one of the most comfortable places in the house to use. There you will spend more time, reading, playing games, or lying