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16 Materials Board Interior Design Ideas

Board interior design. What do you think and do to prepare for renovation needs? Do you prepare the materials or money? Both are important. But do you know, there are something more important more than materials and

A Brighton House Style : To Become One Modern Home

Brighton house. Life Size Architecture recently completed the Preston Drove project in Brighton, United Kingdom. After the homeowners reached out to merge their house with the separate basement flat below. The individual dwellings required reconnection, while creating

26 Abstract Framed Canvas Art : Living Room Decoration

Canvas art design. The most striking part of the house is the walls, let alone the walls in the living room. Looking empty and without added decoration will make your house look empty and without color. This

12 Front Door Design To Make Your Home More Adorable

Front Door. Every house must have a door that is specially designed so that it looks more attractive and beautiful. What is that door? That’s right, the door in question is the front door of the house.

16 Secret Design Ideas To Creating a Beautiful Home

Secret Design ideas. This unique and interesting design is quite popular with many people. They will feel safer and more comfortable when they leave the house, because home is a privacy that must be kept comfortable. This

12 Modern House Inspiration : New Zealand Design

New Zealand Design. Who doesn’t like New Zealand? Many people who wish to spend time there, just for traveling or enjoying the beauty of this paradise on earth. This country has a special dance power for tourists.

16+ Modern Accessories : Add California Style

California style. Last month, enamored with Kelly Wearstler’s new paint collaboration with Farrow & Ball. The eight color collection, entitled The California Collection. Fresh palette of hues inspired by the Los Angeles-based designer’s home state, from the palm trees to

22 Outdoor Planter Ideas: Fresh and New Views!

Outdoor Planter Ideas. Make a outdoor planter around the outside of the house will add your home more attractiveness and have a cool home atmosphere. You can build like mini garden in the middle of your yard