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10 Dining Table Design Ideas: With a Simple Vibes

The dining table is one of the most important kitchen components to have. Therefore, many people are very concerned about what furniture, design and decoration are the most suitable and comfortable for this dining room. Why did

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What are you going to with your corner room? Do you have a plan to decorate them? Every square room must have a corner in it. At least every room will have this space, so what are

15 Modular Furniture Ideas, Make it Easier!

Did you know what is modular furniture? According to the dictionary, modular is constructed with standardized units or dimensions allowing flexibility and variety in use. So, what is the relationship with a furniture? All we know that

21 Red Sofa Ideas In The Velvet Decoration

Red sofa in your living room will add a strong vibes. Impressed with a bold color, but this dark red color has a different nuance when it is made into home furniture. The velvet color selection is

13 Best Abstract Painting Art Ideas : Have a High Quality

Abstract painting has a very different style and only certain people who like this type of style. Most of them are art workers or art lovers. It seems very strange and has no meaning, but it turns

22 Comfortable Patio Design Ideas For Your Family

Patio design is a place with beautiful decoration and have a different nuance between the other room in your house. Usually, this place often used for gathering with family member or making a party. You can make

23 Lighting Ideas In Your Living Room

Lighting ideas, The light in the room will give a different impression if you can combine the lighting with the size of the room or the color of your wall paint. Looking for lighting ideas is a

19 Rattan Furniture Add Natural Vibes

Rattan furniture, what do you think if someone will change all of their home items become rattan, that is ok? Basically adding some rattan furniture in the house will give you a different nuance. Your house will