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10 Beautiful Wall Lights Design Ideas

Wall lights installed on your terrace will give a more beautiful impression at night. Wall lights installed on your terrace will give a more beautiful impression at night. With a touch of a unique lamp design, it

14 Outdoor Dog Areas: Make Them Happy!

The dog areas made behind the house will give a different impression. Seeing your favorite dog playing there will make you feel happy. Dogs are smart animals that can be taught easily. Therefore, if you are a

13 Brilliant Design Ideas For Gather Room

Having a gather room will make your relationship between your family will more intensive and give a positive impact on your psychology. Do you agree with this statement? Basically if we have a gathering place for the

22 Comfortable Patio Design Ideas For Your Family

Patio design is a place with beautiful decoration and have a different nuance between the other room in your house. Usually, this place often used for gathering with family member or making a party. You can make

22 Outdoor Planter Ideas: Fresh and New Views!

Outdoor Planter Ideas. Make a outdoor planter around the outside of the house will add your home more attractiveness and have a cool home atmosphere. You can build like mini garden in the middle of your yard

21 DIY Painted Pots: Fruits Theme and Terra Cotta

Having plants at home is a pleasure in itself, especially if you are a plant lover. Lately because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has made us rarely leave the house and carry out activities as usual. We

27 Vertical Garden Design For Outdoors Wall

Having vertical garden in the house will change the nuance and give a fresh oxygen for you and all of your family member. You can install this garden style anywhere you want, like in your kitchen and

Rattan Standing Planter Ideas, “Beautiful Decoration”.

Rattan standing planter. Rattan is one of usable root to make a planter pot. Many people use this rattan as planter pot and put them as their house decoration. It might be strange ideas if you never