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18 Dream Wooden Sofa For Your Living Room

Wooden sofa maybe rarely used for most people, even though this furniture has a unique shapes and look. Usually, this furniture made from teak wood and mahogany the strong wooden for furniture material. Do not think if

21 Red Sofa Ideas In The Velvet Decoration

Red sofa in your living room will add a strong vibes. Impressed with a bold color, but this dark red color has a different nuance when it is made into home furniture. The velvet color selection is

23 Lighting Ideas In Your Living Room

Lighting ideas, The light in the room will give a different impression if you can combine the lighting with the size of the room or the color of your wall paint. Looking for lighting ideas is a

26 Abstract Framed Canvas Art : Living Room Decoration

Canvas art design. The most striking part of the house is the walls, let alone the walls in the living room. Looking empty and without added decoration will make your house look empty and without color. This

21 Ladder Shelf For Living Room Decor

Having ladder shelf in the living room will change your nuance room. Not only for storage case, you can use this shelf to add the beauty and the room will look neater too. You can use this

30 Best Curtains For Your Living Room

Curtains is one of complementary thing that we should have to make our window and door looks more beautiful. Not only to make the appearance more attractive, the function of this curtain is also to protect us

Living Room Designs 2020-2021. New Vibes!

Living room is one of important room in the house. The function from this room as place for gathering with family and our guest. Make your living room becomes beautiful and comfortable with chic decoration and pay

Beautiful Boho Living Room Decoration Ideas

Boho living room. Boho or Bohemian is one of popular home decoration style. This style bring on aesthetic and unique design. Many people use this style to their house decoration. Commonly, they use this style as indoor