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9 Simple and Elegant Kitchen Interior

Having comfortable, beautiful and elegant kitchen are woman’s dream. The kitchen is one of important rooms that must have a comfortable place because here are the foods begins. Imagine if your wife or your mom did not

12 Modern Kitchen With Interior Skylight Design

What do you think if your kitchen has a skylight interior design? it sounds interesting, right? This design has an amazing and beautiful vibe. All mother in this world wants to have a comfortable and pretty kitchen

Kitchen Remodel With Elegant White Shade

Having a beautiful and comfortable kitchen is a housewife’s dream. This is where they create and work to make food that will become your source of energy. In the cooking process, of course, mothers need a comfortable

12 Recommended Mini Dining Room

Eating together is a time to make a moment with a family member. This time is so precious moment because you can have quality time and will grow close with another family member.  Because this time is

11 Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design

11 Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design The kitchen is a place to make food and drink to keep you still full, and will help maintain your energy to do your daily activity. In the cooking process, every single

11 Stylish Kitchen Organization

The kitchen is one of the important rooms that you have to give more pay attention to. You have to try to make this room always clean, tidy, and comfortable to use. The function of a kitchen

16 Gorgeous Black Kitchen Interior Design

BLACK KITCHEN INTERIOR DESIGN Hello homemypedia friends! long time no see, yeah! Today we want to tell you that homemypydia has new design ideas and inspirations that are definitely interesting and classy. The design above is a

30 Stylish and Modern Round Dining Table Ideas

What is your dining table look like? have you still using rectangular and old dining table? let’s replace it! Waiting for having breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner is a happiness time every day. Especially to have a