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23 Bathroom Installation Design Ideas

Bathroom installation ideas. What do you think about bathroom decoration? did you pay attention about this room? Most of people said that bathroom is one of comfortable room in the house that you can use to be

13 Brilliant Powder Room Design Ideas

The bathroom is a very important place to have. For most people, the bathroom is a place to pamper yourself to a place to find inspiration. Did you know that the design and decoration of the bathroom

16 Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas For You

Bathroom storage is important? yes, sure. This space is very important to keep cleanness and neatness around the bathroom. You can install this storage in everywhere you want, maybe in the corner of the room even hanging

AXOR One: Washbasin Bathroom “Essence of Simplicity”

Washbasin Bathroom. AXOR’s fixtures never disappoint. Characterized by an aesthetic of slender silhouettes, flat surfaces, soft corners and balanced proportions. AXOR One is a bathroom collection so elegant. The series offers greater clarity, enhanced function and superior

22 Farmehouse Bathroom Ideas, Still Cozy and Chic

Framehouse bathroom ideas. One of the most important room in the house is having bathroom. Having clean bathroom and unique style is everyone’s dream. Not only used by the home owner, but the bathroom is also usually

Bathroom Random Ideas, Get More Inspiration!

The important room in the house that we must to have? what it is? Designing this room is the happy things because you can create your favorite theme and style. There was lot of design and decoration

Pink Bathroom Aesthetic Design Ideas. So Adorable, Girls!!

Pink bathroom. Pink is one of  girl’s favorite decoration. Yash, exactly! this decoration is so cute and adorable. Even though not all of girls like with pink color but this color is so adhere for women. For

30 Kinds Of Unique Wallpapers For The Bathroom

Bathroom wallpaper can make comfortable and feel good when in the bathroom. Don’t you belive that? Ok let’s go to clarify this statment. What do you feel when your bathroom didn’t have wallpaper, just a blank space?