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21 Vertical Garden Design On Balcony Wall

Balcony vertical garden. Do you have a balcony space in your home? what do you do to make this space more functional and beautiful? renovation? or just the blank space? Actually, you can make this space to

Outdoor Balcony Design. Fresh And Cozy!

The balcony is a comfortable place to make a place to relax. There you can make a small terrace to enjoy a coffee or just enjoy the atmosphere around your house from a height. You can change

16 Rooftop Styling Ideas “Modern Design”

Rooftop spaces is outdoor place in the house. As the name, this space placed on the top of the house. Usually, people changes this space into garden or relaxation place. They putting some chairs and table there.

24 Balcony House Ideas To Beauty Your Empty Room

  Balcony house is an additional part of a building that tends to be shaped outward and visible against the wall of the house. Unlike the terrace which is a building whose surface is slightly higher than