9 Living Room Design From The Top View


Living room is a place that must have a comfortable atmosphere and comfortable furniture. This room is a place that usually used for gathering time with your family, friend or your guests. So that you have to make this room as comfortable as to live in. Like i said in the previous posts, i said that there are many aspects that can build this dream living room. The room theme, the design selection, the furniture, the color selection and any decoration or the accessories selected.

In this post today, we provide 9 living room design ideas that are taken from the top view. We choose this style because we want to show the design more clearly so that so can compare them and choose them as you want. Let’s go!

Wide, interesting, and comfortable living room look for gathering with your family. If you love reading, you can add this mini private library like the first ideas below. I want to tell you that, this white living room color theme is the best to apply. 






Bellow is another color theme ideas that you can choose if you do not to like to use white color. Use this elegant brown sofa, and a soft green room theme. 




Let’s choose your favorite living room design and apply to your lovely home.

Source: Pinterest 

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