10 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas, Try It!

Redecorate your old bathroom with these clever bathroom storage ideas. Your toiletries will be neatly arranged and will look more comfortable to use. Keeping the bathroom still neatly and comfortably is the important thing. You have tried to make this room always clean, ok? There are many aspects that can build the comfortable of the bathroom. Besides making this bathroom clean every time, you can also add some decoration to it. Many people have recently built smart storage that can be more multifunctional because this storage exploits the blank space or sums up the place.

Check these 10 clever bathroom storage to get more ideas for making a dream bathroom!

The hidden storage behind your door, so you can save your toiletries in this vertical storage.


Make this small wall shelf to save your shampoo, soap, and your facial wash. Beautify this shelve by adding this small plant. 



Washbasin with hidden towel storage.


You can store your skincare medic in this hidden storage behind the mirror. 


Make this triangular stairs and store your toiletries in it. You can put on your towel, tissue, medic, shampoo, soap, and other toiletries on every rung.  




Toilet paper storage with vertical smart drawer. 


Luxurious bathroom storage in black color, looks so masculine and elegant. 


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