5 Beautiful Baby Room With Vintage Theme


5 Beautiful Baby Room With Vintage Theme

Having a baby means that you are become a father and mother, and did you know what should you do? There are many things to think and do if you are become a parent. You have an obligation to meet physical and spiritual needs, especially for a father. For a mother, you will have endless work to take care of your husband and children. Of the many things you have to thinking about, one of them is make a comfortable room to your child. They will to spend their time over there, even they are getting a young and adult. But out of the topic, today, we are not talking about bedroom for a kids, we are going to discuss about nursery room. It sounds weird? yeah, that’s i want to make you a little confuse about us, LOL.

1. Decorate your baby’s room with these beautiful and cute accessories, you can put it on the wall. As you can see below, the accessories you can use is like a rattan accessories, vase with dry flower, and a cute doll who gathered in the one shelf.


2. Add a baby’s toys with this wooden triangular toy. This toy will add the vintage theme wheares vintage has a harmonic color.


3. Decorate your corner room and change it to become a playing area. With hanging stars, a cute wall mirror, and a height meter will make the fun atmosphere.


4. Beautify and make this smart vintage decoration with adding this wall book shelf near the baby box. Trying to educate your baby with good habits though this ways. 


5. As a mom, you also need a comfortable place to breastfeed to your baby, then, you can use this comfortable single sofa in this corner room to make a comfortable breastfeeding time.


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