11 Adorable Floor Mirror For Your Bedroom

Having a comfortable bedroom is important, so you have to make a bedroom as your want. Usually, the bedroom is a place to spend half-time, this place is a home to return to for all of your daily activities. Generally, everyone will build their dream bedroom with something they love, like design, decoration, and theme. What is your favorite theme, guys? do you like it with a casual theme design or a formal theme design? both are gorgeous to use.

Other than theme, there are other aspects that will make your bedroom look more beautiful. This aspect is the beauty of the decoration. One of the decorations that are often used is the addition of glass in their rooms. This is commonly done especially by women and can be said to be an item that must be in the room. Today, we collect 11 Floor Mirror ideas with some unique and different designs than usual.





Several floor mirror design above have a own characteristic even though they may looks same with others. Look at the picture of the glass which has a thick wooden edge with a natural theme. Other ideas also has a unique design, size and looks. You just choose which mirror you love and do not forget to match with your bedroom theme, so that the decor will in harmony.








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