13 Trendy Wall Light Design

Everyone wants to make their house pretty and comfortable to live in. Usually, they will add or make something that a comfortable for them, like making a mini garden, putting on memories pictures, or adding some decoration. The wide space that usually none give pay attention to is a wall. The wall has many functions and you can create something creative and new over there. You can use this place to add beauty to your house in a way of putting down something, and one of the ideas is to install a wall light. Even though adding a wall light does not really matter because the light is low, this light can give you a beautiful vibe and look.

As you can see, the wall light has a lot of variations in designs. Starting from a simple design to a unique design. All are recommended for you to have it. The design was designed simply and has low lights because the main function of making this product is just for wall decoration. Furthermore, as a wall design, you can use these lamps as your night lamp too. You can start to take a look at our ideas below!








How about our several design ideas above? it’s simple and pretty, isn’t right? The design was designed with tiny and long size which the output lights is not really light. With a vertical design, this lamps will looks fit to every single wall in your house. You can set in your bedroom, living room, terrace, attic, even your wall bathroom. Let’s see another ideas with another design and vibes and find the best one for you!







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