14 Modern Wall Decor For Your Lovely House

Having a beautiful house is a dream for everyone. You do not need to have much money because to make a beautiful house is not always to have much money. Just look at the opportunity and what you can do for your house. Like designing your wall in your bedroom, living room, or even your study room. Today we are going to show you 14 Modern Wall Decor to make your house more beautiful and loved. Let’s see the ideas together!

  • Bohemian modern wall decoration with installs a wooden shelf to put your favorite photo figure and some of the Bohemian vases.



  • Beauty your living room wall by putting in a handy craft. You can use these handy crafts, including a rattan decoration, a plate craft decoration, a leaf decoration made of rope, and so on.




  • If you are bored with your old study room decor, you can change become this smart and creative wall design. Color your walls with your favorite color by painting this half-tube design picture.



  • Redecorate your bedroom by adding this comfortable head bedroom design. You can change your wall bedroom by adding this wood slat decor, or making a new design with a half-tube design. Do not forget to install a lamp to beautify the vibes.




  • Another wall decor is adding some hanging plants into your wall. Besides for make a natural vibes, the benefit of adding a plant into your house is your air circulation will always fresh.



  • Make a hole in your living room wall and use it as your stand to display your favorite things. Like your books, collection, miniature and so on.



Thanks for visit our website, hopefully our post can give you inspiration and help you to make a beautiful dream house. Happy decoration, brother!

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