11 Amazing Wood Slat Decoration, just for you!

House is a place to do everything, and of course, the house is the only comfortable place to go home. Many people do their activities at home, especially in this pandemic situation. Working from home, school at home, and even making content at home for a YouTuber is a usual activity lately. Doing that activity is so tiring because every day you do it. And someday, if you have some spare time, you can try to make something new in your house. So that you do not feel bored doing your activity at home. There are many ideas like making a mini garden or vertical in your backyard, decorating your bedroom, kitchen, or living room.

If you choose to make a house decoration to spare your time, we have an idea, which is making a wood slat decor for your wall. You do not need to invite a handyman to make this decor, because you can do it by yourself. But, if you want to have professional result decor, you can invite an expert to make it. Did you know why I told you that you can do it by yourself? yeah, because the installation of this decor only needs to be stick on the wall. Note, just for simple wood slat decor.

Let’s see the ideas below!

Wood slat decor on your gathering room



Wood slat with stick lighting




The installation of wood slat is just a simple thing, except if you want to make this decor more expensive with beautiful lighting or other accessories. You can take a look on the picture number 3, 4, and 5, those are the example of expensive decor, so you need the handyman. In the other hand, if you only want to make a simple decor like the picture below, you can handle it alone.

Wood slat as a shelf to show your favorite thing





Wood slat decor on your dining room



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