10 Minimalist Study Room Design

Hello students! Today, we are going to share with you 10 minimalist study room designs that you can use to guide you to make a comfortable and beautiful study place. You do not need to make this place always in your bedroom, because everywhere is a place to learn. Let’s make your study enjoyable and up your spirit.

Build your study room with a triangular design like the shape under the stairs. if you like classic vibes, you can also add this small classic window.


Another inspiration you can use is this very minimalist study desk design. Take advantage of a small room and change to be this place. Looks so simple and private.


There are many colors that you can use to make your study desk more beautiful. But if you do not like bright colors, you can use this monochrome color. This color will add a masculine vibe, especially with the addition of the window beside it.


Some people make their study room also as a place to do the hobby. Like the picture below, if you have a reading hobby, you can also make this mini library beside your study desk.


Minimalist and simple study room design with an elegant narrow room.


Guys, did you know that every single space in your room is useful, and one of them is this little hallway of this house. You can use it as your study place or your dressing table.


Make Korean study desk vibes with several shelves on the wall.


A study desk with modern decoration, a comfortable wooden chair, and a large shelf.


Use this beautiful design study room with simple lighting but elegant vibes. Make some holes in the wall and use them as your storing things.


Mixing a modern and classic design into your study place.


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