13 Smart DIY Garden Decor Ideas

Having a beautiful garden is one of everyone’s dreams, especially those who are in love with nature. You can build this garden in your backyard or your house.¬† There are many gardens-themed that you can use to be your sample or inspiration. One of the garden-themed is the DIY garden decor. Everyone knows that this decor is included low-budget and creative decoration. You can show your hidden talent by making a craft on this theme and of course, you can also take advantage of second-hand goods to make a creative decoration. Let’s go to explore our amazing ideas.

  • A Square Pot

You can take a look at the first picture. Below, you can use this idea if you want to fill your backyard corner with more beauty and nature. Here, there is a square pot stone with a small plant in it. If you want more creative vibes, you can add some color or paint something cute.




  • Creative plant decor

Another amazing ideas for your garden decor are this creative plant. As i said above that you can take advantage a second-hand goods, those pictures below are the ideas. As you can see, this decor has many style and creative  ideas. All of this picture below is using a second-hand tools which make your garden more interseting and beautiful to look. There are a hanging plant with small pot, a tea pot and the cup, stacking pot, flower in the birdcage and beautiful bamboo light.











Source: Pinterest 

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