12 Ideas For Styling Bohemian Bedroom Decor

Having a comfortable and pretty bedroom is happiest thing. You can spend your time and doing your works full of happiness. Imagine if your bedroom is stuffed, uncomfortable and uninterested, i’m sure you will feel bad. For this reason, making comfortable room is very important things. You can redecorate or adding some of your favorite things in your room. But, did you know that what is the basic and important thing when you will make a comfortable room? exactly! you have to choose the decoration theme before. Every one knows that there are many decoration theme in the world, starting from absurd or awkward theme until luxurious theme.

Of a million theme in the world, one of them is Bohemian theme. Bohemian is a style that refers to the freedom that lives in art. This style really stole the attention of many people because of its unique and interesting characteristics. With a dominant brown color, this style can make your room quirky and comfortable to live in. Today, we are going to show you 12 Bohemian Bedroom Decor, we hope this article is helpful for you.

Decorate your bed with adding this flower shaped Bohemian rattan headboard


Adding some of rattan furniture in your bedroom, like a rattan basket, a rattan chandelier and so on


Position your bed in the middle of the room and leave the surrounding of the bed empty by not adding a lot of accessories


Adding hanging plant as a roof decoration


Change your ordinary dressing table become unique, pretty and elegant


Redecorate your boring study desk like this picture below


So that the atmosphere of your room is more charming, you can add a clothes hanger that has a Bohemian vibes



Fill your empty space with Bohemian furniture like rattan chair, rattan wall decor and hanging Macrame plant


Bohemian bedroom decor! Sweetness your lovely bedroom by adding these hanging chairs



Take advantage of the corners of your empty space by adding aesthetic accessories like this one


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