13 Ideas Modern Living Room Design


Having modern living room is a dream for everyone. You can do anything to make this room comfortable and happy to live in. Stating from change the decoration, buying modern furniture until change your interior design room. Actually, you do not need to have much money to make your room look luxurious because all is just about appetite.

The important things you do is to choose an interior design that suits your taste. If you have done that, you can start to determine what kind of decorating themes and colors you can use. My advice, you have to choose the three things according to what you like and the most important thing is to adjust to the budget you have. The next thing is to determine what kind of furniture and accessories you embrace.

Look at the first picture above, as you can see, the living room has an interior theme with a charming bone white color. The beautiful combination of wall decorations makes the room more spacious and majestic. In addition, the addition of small decorative lights on the walls can make the room look taller. The combination of the color of the sofa and the carpet looks harmonious and the addition of pink orchid flowers makes it look alive.












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