12 Inspiring Wooden Cat Beds

Hello! our theme today is wooden cat beds, sounds good, isn’t? as a cat lovers, we have to make our lovely cats always happy and comfortable in our side. Not only for their foods and treatment, but we should pay attention to their bed. We must provide a cozy mattress, pillow and so on, so be a good owner please!

Cat furniture has much options, starting from wooden materials, iron materials, rattan materials and so on. Did you know which one is the best option for your cat? all is possible to bought and try. In the other side, today we will give you 12 wooden cat beds inspiration to help choose the best for you. Let’s go!

Wooden cat bed with tubular shape. You can also adding this aesthetic decoration with placing bohemian decorative plants.


Modern cat bed with 3D design. This 3D oval shapes will make your cat sleep more cozy.


If you want to give unusual cat bed, you can buy this mini cottage house design.


Recently, one of pets furniture company introduce the new design with pentagon design. This design has unique motif and strap.


Mini house design replica for your lovely cat.


Modern wooden cat bed with cat’s face windows and mini pillow.


Cat wooden furniture with the diamond design.


Comfortable mini cat bed replica complete with bed sheets, pillow and mattress.





Double functions! mini cat house with hammock.


Source : Pinterest

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