13 Modern House Interior Design Ideas

Are you looking for modern house interior design? here is the answer! House is the most comfortable place to live and make a happiness. There will be many things that we can discuss when talking about the house. Starting from decorations, wall paint colors, furniture, interior and exterior designs and much more. With the increasingly sophisticated development of the times, you don’t need to bother anymore to look for bright ideas to beautify your home. As in our post today, we will bring you a modern house interior design theme that you can use. With a modern theme, the images that we will present below have a stylish, classy design and are certainly comfortable to live in. Are you already curious about the brilliant ideas from homemypedia? let’s see together!

Spacious room design for a dining table and a family gathering place. This design has a luxurious fireplace with beautiful natural stone decorations.


A magnificent and spacious kitchen design with a holy white color theme that is very beautiful and enchanting.


Kitchen with a wooden roof design that looks sturdy


Family room with a relaxed style and has a unique and neat wooden roof accent


A large room that has two floors is like being in a wooden palace


The design of an open arch door in your living room as a connecting road to the room next to it


A beautiful gathering room with a high roof and a captivating view of the vast ocean


Modern bedroom design that is directly connected to the private bathroom


A dining area designed like a bar with large windows and neat plant decorations


Simple dining room with bohemian decor


White, clean and comfortable are the words that describe the design of this living room


A relaxing room surrounded by large windows so that sunlight can enter optimally


A large and spacious open bathroom with a feel in the cool and shady forest


Source : Pinterest 

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