12 Top Modern Fireplace Design Ideas

Are you looking for modern fireplace design ideas? here are the answer! Many people want to make their house more beautiful, comfortable and looks stylish. They will buy an expensive furniture and redecorate their rooms as beautiful as possible. In the other hands, they do not understand about what is exactly needed to make their house beautiful. For the example, they love Bohemian decor and they buy them, but in fact they do not know what they are buying is old or modern types, so you should always up-to date.

The same like talking about this contemporary fireplace model. As many people knows that fireplace is just a box with fire inside and have a chimney. At this time everything has changed a lot, includes this fireplace model. This modern fireplace has many design, shapes, more trendy and stylish. You can take a look at the first picture below, here is tube fireplace with two rooms and simple design. You can install on the living room, gathering room even on your bedroom. Let’s go to find another modern fireplace design to get more inspirations!


Hanging fireplace in the living room. This design has an unique shapes, this shape is like the atmosphere inside a submarine, isn’t?



Pillar fireplace design. You can design the pillars of your house as a place of this fireplace.


Fireplace in the attic room


Cottage fireplace in the corner of the room


Fireplace between the cabinets


The large fireplace design


Fireplace in aquarium design



Wall fireplace with a modern and neat style



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