13 Creative Vertical Vegetable Garden Design

Everyone knows that we have been hit by Corona virus and cause us to limit activities outside the home. Mostly, everyone get bored and want to go outside because there is no interesting activity at home. To resolve this problem, you can make some activity which can be give you more benefits and happiness. You can built a vertical garden at home, it can be in your indoor or outdoor. Let’s say this is your place to refresh your mind after doing your busy activity. Making a vertical vegetable garden is easy, you do not need to have large space and specific skills. You can show your creativity through this activity, you can also using used goods so it will be more useful. Let’s go to make amazing DIY vertical vegetable garden!


You can use used items such as used bottles, chunks of wood to use coconut shells as a medium for growing vegetables such as salad, mustard greens, radishes and others.





Planting salads using neatly arranged wooden boxes, let’s create your vertical vegetable garden here!




If you want to make a simple planter, you can buy this pouch and turn them into growing media.


Planting tomatoes and pumpkins with hanging media by letting the stems propagate down to the bottom.



You can grow tomatoes in the hanging pot media like this,


You can an utilize these used car tires become your growing media. To make it look more attractive, you can paint it with rainbow color.


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