19 Interesting Bedroom Set Ideas For Twin Boys

Having twins baby is means that you have to prepare double things. Not only for their clothes and toys but you have to make twins bedroom also. Usually, many people make this room when the twin’ is five years old, but you can make this room start from baby. There are a lot of bedroom decoration which you can use to make a comfortable bedroom for your lovely twins children. Making a shared room will give many positive aspects for your kids, they will be more respect and love with their sibling. Let’s find the best inspiration here!

A twins bedroom with two comfortable beds

First is the usual room with a bed, table and other additional decorations. It was clear that a room for twins had to have two beds. It’s different if the child doesn’t want to be separated, so the father and mother have to buy a big bed for them. However, in general, there are two beds in the children’s bed. You can put some of their favorite toys and decorations such as adding guitars, stickers for favorite characters and others.








In addition to the ideas above, you can also add a bulkhead in the middle of the bed as their boundaries. You can use curtains or cupboards like the picture below.



A boy room in the attic

In a house that has two floors, you can also use your attic as a bedroom for your favorite twins. Just like the previous design which uses two adjacent beds. It is rare to put a bunk bed in the attic room because it will look cramped when sleeping on the top bunk.




A twins bedroom set with simple and comfortable bunk beds

The next room decoration idea is a room with a bunk bed that is simple and certainly comfortable. Many people use this design because it is simpler and reduces the cost of buying a bed. But you have to make sure that this bunk bed has good quality and is strong, security is the number one thing before dealing with the decoration of the room.








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