19 Ideas Baby Decoration Party at Home

Baby Decoration Party

Hello smart and passionate moms, how was your day? i hope everything doing well. How is your baby and how old them? when is your child’s birthday and are there any plans to throw a party for them? Birthday is the most beautiful moment for everyone, especially for babies who are ready to turn one year old. Usually at this moment, parents will hold a party as attractive as possible so that this moment can be remembered beautifully.

Maybe babies don’t understand that they are very privileged, but making an event like this is a pity to miss. You don’t have to make a fancy and expensive party. You can make a private party that is simple but still memorable. Especially right now that it is still in the Covid pandemic situation. You can held a party at home or in an open space such as using the yard, balcony, terrace or garden in front of the house. In addition to these two options, you can also make a party in a public area such as a forest or city park, but don’t forget to wear a face mask. Do you want to know what kind of baby decoration party? you can use these ideas to create the best moment and memories for your little angel, let’s go!

Make a baby’s birthday party in a forest or park environment by using a cute triangular tent with a camping theme. Add other supporting decorations such as books, photos or whatever that can support the beauty of this birthday decoration.






Birthday party decoration with Bohemian rainbow theme. Usually, people make this decoration in the indoor area. Beautifying your party decoration with put down one mini table set like these picture below.



The next theme is brown or terracotta theme, this theme has calm and beautiful vibes. Combining brown and gold balloons makes this decoration more deluxe.






The next theme is simple decoration with low color. Even this theme has no light color but actually this theme decoration bring you elegant party decor.







Introduce your baby to the world of fauna and fauna by using this theme for their decoration party.


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