15 Wooden Flooring Texture Ideas

Beautifying the home is an obligation for every homeowner. Home is a place for shelter, rest, gathering with family and a place for shelter. For that, as I said at the beginning that beautifying the house is an obligation that must be done. It doesn’t have to be by buying luxury and expensive items, but simply by making your home a comfortable place to come home to. There are many aspects when we talk about the house, starting from the many rooms, furniture, decorations, interiors and others. But in today’s post, we will discuss the floor of the house.

As you all know that we all do all house activities on the floor. In addition to maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the floor, you also need to pay attention to the type of floor you will use. There are many choices of floor types that you can use, ranging from ceramics, wood, ordinary tiles to floors made of marble. The types of floors that are widely used are ceramic floors and wooden floors. If you want to have a traditional atmosphere, nature and coolness, using this wooden floor will bring you into that atmosphere. Let’s see these wooden flooring ideas bellow!

Wooden flooring with many colors and design

Wood has many colors but the base color is brown. If it has been used for the floor of the house, this wood will have many colors and various motifs according to the type of wood origin. In our post today, you will find some beautiful floor colors such as gray, bright brown to white. Not only are the colors varied, but the motifs of each type of wood also have their own beauty.









Wooden floor decoration in the house

You can apply this wood accent to any room in the house according to your wishes. However, because having this decoration means it requires more money, usually many people only use this wood accent in certain spaces such as the living room, gathering room, bathroom and kitchen.









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