10 Best Living Room Ideas 2021

The living room is the first place you will meet when you enter the house. Usually this place will be given special attention because this place is a room to receive guests and gather with family. There are some furniture that must be in the living room. The furniture such as sofas, tables, chandeliers, decorations, flower vases, carpets and much more. Do you know what the living room trends are in 2021 this time? We see that the trend in 2021 is random style. This theme does not have a special characteristic, but what is featured is the atmosphere of comfort and cheerfulness. Because it’s a random style, you can find lots of interior designs available on social media, including in our post today. Let’s see 10 best living room ideas 2021 and find the best one!

Living room with unique decoration

Look at this picture below! this living room has wooden chair and unique wall art. The decoration with a unique theme in this picture becomes even more real because of the addition of a small stone table and some cobblestones placed under the photo frame.


Living room with a bright atmosphere

The design in the living room this time has a bright theme by using white wall colors, an old orange sofa facing a large glass window. The addition of a short round table and soft carpet underneath makes the gathering atmosphere warm and comfortable.


Design with a high room

This design has a palace theme that presents a high and spacious room. With the addition of a window that has a large vertical design, this room looks more spacious. The furniture used also has a harmonious color, the color theme of this room is pastel. The rug used is also simple but still elegant to look at.


Room with pink theme

In contrast to other room ideas, this room is deliberately made near the kitchen. The theme of this room is soft pink with the addition of a white sofa that sweetens the atmosphere of the room. Just like the previous design, this design also has a large vertical window but only one part.


Wooden interior design

This design requires a large amount of funds because some of the walls of the room are covered with wooden planks. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can still use these design ideas but the wooden boards are replaced with wall stickers similar to this wood.


Living room with big rug

Add d├ęcor with a white rug that spans the entire room. You can add a unique pink sofa like this to make your room look more colorful.


Room with outside view

In contrast to the living room design which is usually made near the main door or in the living room. This design presents a natural atmosphere because the room is made facing the outside. So that anyone in the room can feel the cool breeze and warm sunlight.


Room design with a dome-shaped door

This living room is built in the living room of the house so that it requires an additional door for user access. This door is made only in the form of a large carved dome arch. Do not add curtains so that the room does not seem closed.


The black room is dashing and beautiful

You can also use black as a room interior theme, for example, look at the picture below. This room has a black color theme which automatically makes the room look dashing and clean.


Living room ideas 2021 with a big sofa

The trend now is to prepare a large, soft and comfortable sofa. Your guests will feel happy because they sit very comfortably. It could be that your guests don’t even want to go home, LOL


Living room with gray theme and unique wall decoration

The last ideas is living room wall decor combined with old furniture set. This traditional table set furniture will give you different nuance. You can add some of wooden chairs also to beauty the decorations.


Source : Pinterest

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