15 Adorable Outdoor Playhouse Ideas for Your Kids

Find decorations and designs for outdoor playhouse ideas in today’s post. Give the best for your child so that they always feel happy and comfortable to stay at home. Let us show you what designs and decorations are cute and secure but still comfortable and fun to play.

Playhouse with a simple white design. Add two large pots on the side of the stairs and decorate with flags to make it even funnier.


This playground has the shape of a building that looks like a real house, with additional mats and seats making it even more fun.


Make a children’s playhouse with a box shape and decorate it with some plants to make it look more beautiful.


Wooden playhouse equipped with complete children’s games. Your child’s friends can make a picnic there.


Make a total children’s playground! adding a vegetable garden and mini kitchen will keep them happy.



Children’s play house with a second floor building, the first floor is the kitchen and the second floor is a place to relax.


Cute playhouse with mini mailbox and a seat for coffee.


Failed to take a summer vacation? make this theme so you can still have a happy summer vacation.


This playhouse decoration is perfect for those of you who have enough funds to create an extraordinarily beautiful children’s play area.


A playhouse with a swing for your child to play.


How cute this playhouse design and decoration? this house is suitable for your girls. Add some of plants and flamingo bird statue to beauty the front porch.


This playhouse design has two floors with an additional slide in front of the house. To make it look more real, add plants in front of the upstairs windows.


Playhouse made of wood with decorative curtains and cute lights on the roof.


The simplest playhouse design by only making a triangular base and an additional door.


A place to play with a comfortable and cozy bohemian theme.


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