Beautiful Interior and Decoration Ideas of New Delhi House

New Delhi House

Hello guys, how are you today? hoping you all in a good condition and always save and happy. Today we are going to discuss about Indian’s house, i’m so excited with our theme today. Did you know that India has a big secret of house design and decoration? yummm, i will show you about this. Every country in the world has their own special characteristic to show their identity and one of them is the culture. As well as India’s culture, everyone knows that the icon of India is Taj Mahal and design of this building can be use as house decoration also. The most popular design is dome design and where this dome design is widely used as a home interior decoration. To find out more details, today we will invite you to tour the New Delhi interior house, let’s go!

The use of dome-shaped ceramics, you can use this decoration to beautify the walls of your living room. The choice of a bright blue color like in the picture below is highly recommended for you, don’t forget to mix and match the furniture in the room.


Terrace design with beautiful dome interior and add some beds for a relaxing place. You can also add beds with fabric roof decorations to make the feel more beautiful.


This terrace design has a simple theme with a white room theme and several sets of tables and chairs. You can add a fan as a roof decoration and floor carpet in the middle of the furniture.


Create a relaxing space for tea or coffee in the back of your house. Add a table and some chairs in the middle of the large window behind the house.


The interior design for the attached dining room is very beautiful with bright decorations. The use of pink for wall paint plus additional ornaments makes the walls more alive.


Another characteristic is the installation of hanging swings in the house. You can put it in any room you want, but usually most people install this swing in their living room.


A special room for relaxation with a theme that is thick with India. You can make this special place in your back room, the bed and the dome design are so beautiful right?


Complete your New Delhi style home by installing a large wall fence in front of your house. You can use this design motif to make your home look more luxurious and beautiful.


Want the exterior of your house to look more real with a New Delhi home design? You can install a dome-shaped door on the front door of your house.


If you just want a simple interior design but still have an Indian feel, you can use this design in your living room.


Unlike the simple living room design above, the living room in this design has a beautiful and lively feel. With decorations filled with colorful items, the atmosphere will feel more comfortable.


Installing a large door in the house, many people use this decoration on the second floor of their house and continue with the balcony which is used as a place to relax.


This combination of modern Indian decor and vintage theme is very cute for your dining room.


Don’t forget to decorate your bathroom so that your Indian theme decoration is more pronounced. You can mount a lamp on the edge of the glass and use Indian-style motifs on the wall decoration.


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