10 Best Bright Yellow Bathroom Ideas

Yellow bathroom is one of bright color which you can apply into your bathroom interior. Mostly, many people wasting their time in the bathroom, whether it’s take a bath or looking for inspiration. Adding this color will bring you positive energy and different nuance, so you can feel cozy every time. You have to know that you do not need to paint all of your bathroom walls with this color, because it will make a weird interior. So what is the best solutions? exactly! just use some of your bathroom furniture.

To beauty your bathroom using this color, you can combine with another color like white or black. You can apply a black color as your door paints, wash tube, ceramic and so on. Like as the black color, you can also apply a white color become you bathroom decoration. to make you more get many inspirations, let’s see these pictures below,

Pretty color combinations

You can combine yellow color with white and black color like this picture below. This picture shows the beautiful vibe with simple and neat decoration. The combining of white and yellow in the wall paint is so beautiful, added with a big flower picture in ceramic makes it more beauty.


A new design yellow bathroom

Have you ever meet bathroom design like this? maybe it look weird and not simple because this design using two hanging lamps and two buckets. But you should know that this design is special for parents who have two or more children to take a bath together. Smart, right?


The yellow cube wall decoration

If you do not really like with yellow, you can still use this bright color into your bathroom decoration. Apply yellow color into your wall decoration like this picture below. Looks simple and still beautiful.


Beautiful wall flower motif

Besides a yellow cubes as the picture above, you can also use this bright color as a combination motif. This wall ceramic has a beautiful motif and beautiful vibe.


A yellow cabinet

Maybe this picture below is often used in the bathroom decoration, but the different is this cabinet has a multifunction, as a cabinet and as a hand wash place.


Cute yellow bathtube

Complete the yellow d├ęcor for your bathroom by adding this bright yellow bathtub. Combined with white color makes this bathtub look more spacious and beautiful.


Yellow bricks and a black door

If you want to have a bathroom design using bricks but you don’t have enough money, you can use sticky stickers like this. Choose a brick that has a yellow color and on the next wall is pasted with white bricks.


Mini yellow hand wash basin

The last yellow decoration ideas is this cute hand wash basin, see the smart color combination used.


A yellow shower curtain

The partner of the bath is the curtain, because the basic color of the bath is white, it is perfect if you use this cute curtain to make your bath more comfortable.


Yellow hanging lamps

Lighting is important in a room, especially in the bathroom. Therefore, besides helping us to see clearly, you can also use this beautiful chandelier to make your yellow themed bathroom decoration more complete.


Yellow character mat

Complete your bathroom decor by not forgetting to add a cute yellow mat. You can choose in the form of characters or motifs of writings like this.


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