15 Brilliant Cat Bed Ideas For Your Lovely Pets

Cat Bed is important to have? ummm Yes, sure! For cat lovers, this furniture is very important to have. Maybe not only cat lovers, but all animal lovers they will all pamper their pets well. Like to provide the best bedding and food for pets is a natural thing. The choice of bed should be made as comfortable as possible so that your pet can rest comfortably. Starting from the selection of the basic material of the bed, the base to the decoration or design.

Many people use rattan-based beds because in addition to the beautiful woven shape, it turns out that this material is also light and comfortable to use. Don’t worry about the shape and design of this rattan bed. We will help you to find your answer in our post today. Very special for you because we not only provide rattan beds for cats, but other beds are also available. Let’s see together!

Cat bed design that is placed at the window. Cats will feel comfortable because of the light breeze and sufficient lighting for them to take a nap.


You can make a cat tree in your living room, not only for playing area but you can use this furniture as your room decoration.


A rattan bed with toys on it are two things that are designed as one to get a double advantage.


Is your cat a shy cat? This bed fits perfectly. With a shape like a lantern and a cute blue color, it beautifies this bed.


There is a new design for your cat’s house. Carrying a puzzle theme, this cat house can be disassembled easily. There are two beds that can be used by your cat, outdoor and indoor areas.


This bed has a cozy baby theme using a soft and comfortable cotton base material. Plus the cute shape makes this bed even more beautiful.


Small box-shaped bed with two floors. Looks simple but still comfortable for your cat.


Show your creativity by turning your used TV into a comfortable home for your beloved cat. Add additional decorations to make this cat house look even more adorable.


You can choose a square iron bed to pamper your beloved cat. Actually not only that, you can also make this furniture as a room decoration as well.


Cat tree house with extra rattan bed. Just like the previous idea that you can also make this place a room decoration. Place it in the corner yaa


Do you want to always be close to your beloved cat? If you don’t want to be far from him, you can make a bed for this cat near your bed. Attach the bed to the wall and make sure it is secure.


Make a miniature house for your cat. This miniature house takes the theme of an old house with a high chimney beside it. Isn’t that funny?


Recently a company released a cat sleeping tube that can stick to the wall. With a half glass and wood design, you can see the position of your cat while sleeping.


Another idea you can use is to use this hanging macrame. Your cat will sleep more and more when it sleeps.


Cute rattan ball bed with three support legs. One big door is enough for your cat to see the view.


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