9 Ceiling Balloons Ideas For Your Party

Ceiling balloons ideas.

Celebrating birthdays is fun because this moment only happens once a year. Not only fun for small children, but also for everyone must feel happy. To complete the happiness on this special day, most people will make a party so that the beautiful moment can be remembered. You don’t have to make a grand and festive party, but just adjust it to your budget.

In every party decoration, there is one thing that should not be missed, that’s right, balloons. Balloons are one of the important decorations that must be present. The colors of the balloons will make the party atmosphere more festive. Do you know what balloon decorations are for the party? There are many decorations for balloon installation, many of which are placed in the entrance of the party venue, tied to party chairs or mounted on the ceiling of the party room. Do you want to know what are these decoration? here, we will show you 9 ceiling balloon decoration for your special days.

  • Balloon decoration in your dinning room

Celebrating parties with family and close friends is common. To make this special moment even more memorable, you can choose to have a meal together. Don’t forget to keep decorating your dining room. No need for fancy and crowded decorations, just sticking a few balloons on the ceiling above your dining table is enough.


  • Gold and silver balloon decoration

Actually, you don’t have to wait for a special moment to be able to install this decoration. If you want to always feel the party decorations in your home, you can install these balloons in your living room. You can choose gold and silver colors to make your room look more beautiful.


  • Lollipop balloon party decoration

Have you ever seen a lollipop balloon like the picture below? looks so cute with this pattern that looks like a chocolate lollipop. You can fly this helium balloon in your room, arrange it neatly and don’t forget to add a ribbon.


  • Hot air balloon decoration

In addition to the balloons that we can see, this decoration uses hot air balloons to beautify the party. You can choose hot air balloons with bright and attractive colors as shown below. Under it, you can have a meal session together, I’m sure your appetite will increase greatly.


  • Red and pink balloon decoration

Not only decorations for birthdays or wedding decorations, special days such as graduation days are also worth celebrating. If you are a woman who likes a casual theme, you can choose balloons with red and pink colors on the ceiling. This decoration will look more beautiful and charming if you mix and match with the color of the furniture in your party room.


  • Hanging balloons decoration with adding memorable photos

You want your decoration to be more charming? You can attach your memorable photos to a hanging balloon ribbon.


  • Purple and white balloons decoration

The next decoration is same like with the first decoration above. The differences is you can add several balloons around your dining room. You can install it in the windows and wherever you want.


  • Colorful lantern balloons

You can make decorations with colorful lantern balloons. Take advantage of the wooden bars on your ceiling to attach these cute lantern balloons.


  • White lantern balloons

Are you the type of person who doesn’t like light and color? You can use pastel colors or black and white. You can use these white lantern balloons to beautify your party room. Try it!


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