DIY! Easy To Make Ceiling Decoration With Cloud Light

Cloud ceiling bedroom decorations, what do you think about this? Every one has a private room to take a rest and spend their time in the home. Usually they will make their bedroom as comfortable as to live in. They will add their favorite things and start to decorate the room. The theme of room decoration must be adjusted to the wishes of the owner of the room, not infrequently adults also decorate their rooms using small children’s items. There’s nothing wrong with what decorating theme they use. But many people do not pay much attention to the roof of their room. Maybe most people just enough to install a lamp for lighting only. Even though there are many other things they can do to make their rooms look more beautiful.

One of the roof decorations that you can use is the addition of cute and cute cloud decorations. This may indeed seem like a child, but there is a psychological value. Most people who are in a bad mood, they will spend time in the bedroom. They will turn on a song or start to turn on the LED light, this cloud light will give you positive energy to keep strong and happy. Did you believe that? just try it.


Actually, make a cloud ceiling is a easy way. You must prepare yellow or white blub, one lump of cotton, used plastic bottles and cutter. There are a lot of cloud decoration types, if you want to make a simple decoration, you can follow this picture bellow,













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