Top 9 Dog House Design For You

Dog house design.

For most people, owning a dog is something fun. Not only as pets, dogs can also act as friends and even family. Likewise, cats have a special place for their lovers. Having a pet means we have to be responsible for all the needs they need. Such as food, shelter, toys, care and so on. As a good owner you should be able to make your pet feel comfortable while living with you. One way you can make a house or a special bed for your pet.

Today we will discuss about the design of a dog house that you can use as a reference to make it. Basically you can make this your pet’s home wherever you want. You can choose to make it indoors or outdoors. If you choose in the house, you can share a bedroom with them or make a special kind of bed such as under the stairs, under the table or beside your bed. But if you want to make this cage outdoors, you have to pay attention to many aspects because outdoors there will definitely be many problems, such as a leaking roof or snakes entering. So you have to think extra about what cage is suitable for your pet.

This outdoor dog house has an old style that is unique and simple. Having one room and one door makes this cage feel like a cottage house in the village.


Just like the first picture, this dog house is also made of wood. The difference is that this cage has a box design like a chicken coop that has a large door on the side.


The next wooden dog house is a cage design that is very similar to a house. Complete with two windows and one door in the middle, with the addition of a terrace makes this dog house feel more alive and comfortable.


Creative and unique is needed so that your dog’s cage looks more beautiful. As in this one design which has an aquarium wall. Besides being beautiful to look at, your dog can also play with the fish in it.


Another idea that you can use is to make a dog bed in the house. You can make a room like this, it looks very beautiful right? equipped with a photo of a dog and a nice light decoration feels very comfortable for your dog.


The design of this cage has a dark color that makes the cage look more sturdy. There is an open roof at the top of the cage, you can put an extra pillow or a toy for your beloved dog. This cute ladder makes the design even more slick.


This one dog bed has a simple modern design. With the big box theme and the addition of bright blue LED lights, this cage feels even more comfortable. You can add accessories such as dog photos, bone pillows and so on.


Different from the others, the design of this bed has a triangular shape like a mountain or a camping tent. Although it looks very simple because there are no additional decorations, this place still has its own impression for those who see it.


The last dog house design ideas is a cage with majestic and modern style. The first impression i saw this design is i felt this building like a company or apartment. This design is suitable for your good dog.

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