16 Smart and Chic! Girls Bedroom Decoration Ideas


Women are human beings who like cute and cute things more than men. Not infrequently if many teenage girls who conjure up their bedrooms to be unique and full of color. For those who have creativity, there will usually be decorations made by their own hands. However, it is different for women who are simple in arranging room decorations, they tend to only put things that are important.
For those of you who don’t have an idea to turn your bedroom into a more beautiful one. Today we will present 16 girls bedroom ideas that you can use as inspiration.

Turn your ordinary light switch into something more lively and creative by painting an animal character like a cat, panda or others. Just use black to make your painting look more artistic.



So that your wall space is not too empty, you can add this kind of decoration. Install some ornamental plants that can live in the room. If you don’t want the hassle, you can use fake flowers or plants for your wall decor.




In addition to small paintings near the light switch, you can also make large paintings that will make your room look more stylish. This theme is perfect for you tomboyish girls.


Use a unique lampshade to make your bedroom feel more beautiful and comfortable at night. Isn’t this lamp cute?


Decorations that you can add are the installation of cute chairs in the corner or middle of the room near the window that you can use to read a book while enjoying your afternoon.



Women are very synonymous with make-up equipment, therefore you must have a special place to dress up.



For those of you who are still in school, this place is very important to have. Yep, that’s right, a nicely decorated study table will make you more enthusiastic to study and do assignments.



Adding a vintage style in the corner of your bedroom. You can put down brown mirror, ladder and something related to vintage style.


You can improve your creativity like making this hang hangers and hidden desk.



Those are 16 girls bedroom decoration, feel free to use the ideas.

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