10 Ideas For Setting Art Living Room Decorations


Having a different choice for every single options is a normal, include to make your own decoration house. There are a lot of decoration house style that you can use to be your inspiration. One of a million style is applying an art style. Did you know that the art style not only doing something with paint colors, but you can also make an art in your wall frame. Usually this decoration installed in the living room as a decoration and usually this decoration will be a center of attention of your guests.

Today, we will show you how to decorate art style in your living room. In this article today, you will find 10 tips and trick to make your lovely room more comfortable and beautiful. Pay attention with every single of our tips, let’s go!

Random style

In the first tips, you can choose some place in you wall and install several of photo frame which contains works of art. They can be family photo, favorite cartoon or idols, abstract art even face painting also. Usually many people makes this art corner in the middle of their room with adding a unique bohemian short table.


The stripes funny theme

Do you like a stripes theme? and do you like a funny theme with light color and cute furniture? This is special living room decoration style for you. The combination between bohemian decoration, light color theme and colorful sofa makes this mini living room looks more wide and comfortable.


A classic art theme

Like the first picture, this living room decoration raise a corner art theme. But the differences is this decoration placed on the edge of the living room. Basically this room has a wide space, so you can express your creativity over there.


Using a unique face art

You can use this unique art to beauty your decoration. You can start to painting your things like vase, pot and plates like picture below. So creative, ain’t?


Black decoration theme

Not only light color but dark color is also recommended to build your luxurious living room decoration. Combining between  a cute hand painting and several of beautiful flowers make this room more cute.


The abstract art

Many people like unusual things including this art. Only abstract lovers understand the meaning or the message in the every abstract art. So this theme is not recommended for you who just love art but not in deeply.


The simple art decoration

Simple but still beautiful and looks captivating is descriptions of this frame photo. Using mini table with adhered a hand painting in the middle of wall is the best simple decoration. Can you feel how beautiful this decoration?


The Coffee shop style

Coffee? yash, this is the best drinks in the world. You can brings a coffee shop atmosphere into your house. You can decorate like you are in the coffee shop every day. This place will be best room to gathering with your best friends in this pandemic situations.


A monochrome decoration theme

Are you bored with light and colorful house decoration and wants to make a different nuance? you can use this decoration style, the perfect black and white theme with chic frame photo art.


Hand painting art

Finally we are in the last picture of this article today. If there was one small hand painting frame before, it’s the other way around. Install a large abstract painting in the middle of the wall.


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