13 Brilliant Powder Room Design Ideas


The bathroom is a very important place to have. For most people, the bathroom is a place to pamper yourself to a place to find inspiration. Did you know that the design and decoration of the bathroom can affect your comfort when using the bathroom. The key is to use your favorite theme, it can be from the color, pattern, or decoration.
Besides, women are very happy to set up a special room for them, is that? That’s right, make up room. This room can not only be installed in the bedroom but can also be installed in your bathroom. For most people making this room is very helpful because they can immediately dress up after bathing.

Not just installing a mirror and a dressing table, but complementary decorations are also needed. Decorations such as the addition of flower vases, places for make-up, good lighting, and even the color of the walls are also very important to pay attention to. Let’s look at some references below.






What do you think about those references above? The use of light colors will make your bathroom feel clean and spacious. The most suitable color is white with combinations such as gray, black, dark brown, nude and other pastel colors that really support the beauty of your room. The addition of patterns or motifs on the walls is also important, you can use batik motifs, abstracts or your favorite cartoon images. In addition to white, you can also use dark colors for decoration. Your room will look more majestic and luxurious. What about the use of marble or natural stone on your dressing table.

In addition to decoration, you also have to choose what kind of powder room model suits your character or favorite. You can choose a modern, simple, luxurious or framehouse style.
Look carefully at each image that we present and find the one you like.








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