10 Outdoor Wedding Ideas For Your Best Moments


Every one has their own dreams about their wedding event and how about you? do you want to make a spectacular wedding party or just a simple party only? Both of them are good choices. But have you imagine to make an outdoor party with simple theme? It sounds not really interesting but for you who do not have enough money, this ideas is really recommended for you. Besides this theme is low budget you can make your wedding party more sacred because you just invite your family and your close friends only.

Ok, today we will help you to build your simple outdoor wedding party with low budget but still beautiful and memorable.

  • Wedding garden theme with beautiful full of flower decorations.


  • Make your wedding party in the middle of jungle by using this decoration, put down a pair of door will give you beautiful aisle vibe.


  • Do you want to held on your wedding party in the night? no worries, you can install this cutest hanging lighting.


  • The simple wedding decoration with white theme and install white rose to beauty your aisle.
  • Dinner time vibe with two beautiful candle holders.


  • Make some memories side and fill it with your best photo memories with your beloved and your family.


  • Quotes place.



  • Take advantages the tree around your place and used them as decoration corner.

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