Decorate Your Bedroom With A Vintage Style


How do you think about vintage bedroom? Did you think this style is suitable for you? Yash, many people wants their bedroom has unique decoration but still comfort to live in. But they don’t know how to make it real, to resolve this problem, we have some ideas and tips for you that you can use to make your bedroom more beautiful. Maybe using vintage style looks unusual decoration, but in fact this style has different nuance with other common decoration style. As you can see in the post today, there are some of furniture and color which can be use to make your bedroom look like vintage style. You can put down your iron bed, old, fan, old furniture and radio, wall color, curtain with flower motive and so on. Ok lets go to know this unique decoration.

  • Install the beautiful curtain with flower motive on your bed.



  • Adding some of old furniture like this make up mirror.


  • Select the right wall paint color, you can choose dark color like this picture.


  • Add this old box and old radio, it will makes you room more have a vintage atmosphere.



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