11 Flower Vases Ideas To Beauty Your House


Flower vases which has many type and design is available for you. Having this accessories will make you house more beautiful and look feminine. Not only placed on your living room table, but you can put off this vase in your bedroom even your bathroom. There are a lot of vases that you can choose, start from unique motive like batik motive or abstract motive. Vase also has a lot of unique shapes, includes round vase, tube vase, wooden vase and so on. You can find thisĀ  flower vases in the house accessories store or in the online shop. Besides adding the beauty of your living room table, adding this vase will give you feminine impression.

In this time, i want to remind you to select carefully before buy this vase. Because you have to adjust the flower which you will put in the vase, like original flower or plastic flower. The vase selection is based on the flowers that will be used, if it’s just a plastic flower, then you can use all types of vases. However, if the flowers are real, I suggest for you to use a flower vase made of glass or other materials, as long as it is not made of clay. Let’s look these flower vases ideas below,











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