10 Light Yellow Color For Your Room Decoration


Brightening a room is also important for maintaining your mood, and adding the right colors is the easiest way. Color trends are always changing every year, including yellow though not necessarily a trend, this color will always make the mood to be carefree. Yellow is a color that is quite popular today. The reason is, this color is able to create the impression of luxury, light, and cheerfulness into the room. Psychologically, applying the color yellow even gives positive energy so you will always feel energized and more productive.

Yellow is a fresh color that makes a room come alive. In addition, yellow can also be applied to any room, combining it with different colors, to giving a splash of color to accent the room.

So what’s the best way to bring this color into your room? Trust me, you do not have to cover the entire wall with yellow, or having to do a major renovation because today I will show the 10 best splashes of yellow color that will make your room more cheerful. Let’s check! (homemydesign)

– Bring a beach atmosphere into your living room by adding this yellow surfing board


– Adding this comfortable sofa, feel the cheerful nuance




  • Highlight your room by adding this yellow decorative light


  • Do not miss this cute yellow clock


  • Combination between light yellow and white color is the best color decoration ever! Try them!




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