14 Outdoor Dog Areas: Make Them Happy!


The dog areas made behind the house will give a different impression. Seeing your favorite dog playing there will make you feel happy. Dogs are smart animals that can be taught easily. Therefore, if you are a person who keeps dogs as pets, you certainly have to pay attention to the happiness of your dog. It is not enough to feed and clean the body every day, other aspects must also be considered. One of them is to make a special place to play for them. Not only for playing, but you can also train them to be more familiar with you and agile. You can make a simple playground or a bigger one. You can provide items such as small swimming pools, slides, hanging ropes, small bridges and others.

For the example like this playground below,


You can make a hobbit house in your backyard.


An open play area with a large area and lots of toys will be greatly appreciated by your dog.


Make a small swimming pool for your beloved dog, you can also add a lot of small colorful balls.




To train your dog’s agility, you can hang a leash like this and let your dog play with them.



Creating a dog areas on a low budget?? take advantage of your used car tires as a ball pool. Put your dog’s favorite toy or treat and let him look for it inside the tire.


Small bridge, obstacle pole and colorful tire aisle.





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