12 Front Door Design To Make Your Home More Adorable


Front Door.

Every house must have a door that is specially designed so that it looks more attractive and beautiful. What is that door? That’s right, the door in question is the front door of the house.
This door is an entrance that is located on the terrace or in front of the house. Usually, many people make this door as best they can. Design with unique motifs, or additional decoration will make it even more attractive. Moreover, this door is the main door as a way to enter the house, it will certainly be made well.

Usually, many people use doors made of wood, such as teak and other good quality woods. The use of wood as the base material for doors is widely used because this material has high artistic value and seems antique. With a little combination of other decorations such as the addition of paint or beautiful carvings and carvings, it will beautify the main gate to this house.




Not only the design and selection of basic materials for making doors. However, thinking about the shape and size of the door is also very important. You must be able to carefully measure the size of the door that is right for the entrance of your house. There are several options in making the design. Such as high and wide design or single design, short and medium size. Adjust it to the size where you will install this beautiful door.









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