Bedroom Interior: Electric Bowery, Hotel in San Diego


Bedroom interior.

The Pearl is a boutique hotel located in San Diego, California, designed by Electric Bowery. Operated under the direction of Casetta Group, the space underwent an overhaul renovation mixing mid-century aesthetics with Casetta’s philosophy of sustainability. The combination of rooms with beautiful nuances and one with the hotel design will make you very comfortable. Bedroom with white theme will make you feel cozy every time, with the addition of a lounge filled with green plants, it will be very comfortable to live in. Especially with the addition of natural stone interiors in the house, I’m sure you will feel very comfortable.

Photography by Josh Cho.


With a rich history of more than 60 years, the original building was an integral part of San Diego’s Point Loma neighborhood. The 23 guest rooms feature neutral tones, honest materials and organic textures that create a bright and airy atmosphere.

A melange of contemporary solid wood furnishings are paired with vintage art, which pay homage to the female ama pearl divers. The lobby features a custom leather sectional, framing the entire space alongside jewel-toned accents and marble bistro tables.








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