Ozz Grows The Multifunctional Family Light


Family light.

In 2019, designers Paolo Cappello with Simone Sabatti brought the Ozz lamp to life. It was such an immediate success that Miniforms decided to extend the family further, and Ozz Floor and Ozz Wall were born. The first Ozz is a multifunctional object, one part lamp and one part ash wood tray, that share the same metal structure. Made in two sizes – small for bedside. And large for next to the sofa – the piece serves as a small side table and welcoming light source in one.

Whereas Ozz is meant to play a supporting role, Ozz Floor and Ozz Wall are meant to be features. Ozz Floor has a large, thin arc with a dramatic trajectory. On one end you’ll find a 40 kg concrete base and on the other a cone lampshade, balancing one another out. Ozz Wall is a sleek space saver that packs a punch. Both the arc and lampshade are adjustable and rotate with just one hand. This family light looks more simple and stylish and you can moving this lamp anywhere you want. If you want to looking for simple lighting that can multifunctional, this lighting is suitable for your.

Designers : Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti










Source : Design-milk

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