Cat Bowl, Avoids Food Spillage Wet And Dry


Cat Bowl.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this design was a cat standing in front of the bowl, it takes a long pause and says, “Welcome to my TailTalk!” – now you can’t un see it so let’s ‘talk’ about it. TailTalk is a multifunctional pet bowl that happens to have won the Red Dot Award 2020 as well as the Good Design Award 2019. So it certainly solves a problem most pet owners face – food spillage.

The innovative bowl takes into account that the pets eat both dry + wet foods for their respective benefits. And this product serves the purpose of holding both instead of having two bowls. The design is intuitive for pets and their owners, both sides of the liner can be used by simply flipping it over. The shallow side holds the wet food and the deeper side is for dry food, this way it prevents odor and minimizes bacterial growth. Shallow depth is chosen for wet food because it contains the moisture, chosen for dry food to avoid spilling of crumbs. Clean eating isn’t just limited to ingredients, to keep the space clean while pets enjoy their meal.  TailTalk has a gap between the inner and outer shell which works as an anti-overflow tank. I call this gap the food moat!

Designer: Neo Lee for Husky Design



Another benefit of the cleverly crafted bowl is that it avoids whisker fatigue. Your cat’s whiskers are extremely sensitive and can become easily fatigued by unnecessary contact with things like the sides of bowls. So to prevent whisker fatigue, you should make sure your cat’s food bowls are low and shallow. Her water dish is wide – exactly like TailTalk which also has a gap that further minimizes contact with the sides. The simple design is effective in avoiding food waste and keeping the space hygienic which is healthy for your pets too. It saves you cleaning effort and now there are very slim chances of your pet eating food scattered on the floor. It will make your cat could disrupt their digestion and lead to more cleaning for you.




Source : Yanko Design

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