Prefab Modular Home With An Open Floor Plan


Home Modular Creation has increased. Each person is looking for a homemade vacation spot in a place away from the crowd, for example in the forest. And a modular home offers a viable way to build our own dream cabin in the woods. Do we want a place that is comfortable for work but also for your family to live in. Woonpioniers, Amsterdam-based architecture, and design studios have created Indigo. A modular home building model system designed for one of your dreams.

The woonpioniers, structure and shape of the Indigo can be varied to your liking. Recently, Lia Harmsen collaborated with Woonpioniers to design a workspace. The finished custom two-story house measures 861 square feet and beautiful ceiling features. The end frame offers an open floor view. Providing complete access to a more shaped building interior layout and visible spatial boundaries of support beams and partitions.

Inside, the very top of the pine sheet curves the walls and connects to the ceiling, providing a beam-like support for the structure of the building without the need for additional beams. Woonpioniers make their own flexible sheets of wood that can be bent, making small cuts in the wood sheet until they bend into the desired shape. At the bottom, pigmented concrete fills the Indigo ground floor while the staircase. And the upstairs bedroom of the living room are solid wood ProFi flooring and are given a transparent finish for the final look.

From the outside, the Indigo workspace looks dark like a night in Harmsen, having ceiling windows covering the entire front and rear view of the structure. Plenty of natural light shows off the floor plan of the house, which is equipped with a kitchenette.

Do you want to know what’s inside house? Let’s see together.

Designer : Woonpioniers

The front of the house, looks beautiful


Hide mini windows


Beautiful view from the second floor


Cozy frame and full of natural light

Mini kitchen, dining room and hidden bathroom




Mini living room with amazing view


Source : Yanko Design

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