Beautiful Modern Ceiling Design. Recommended!

Ceiling is a roof that have many functions as a part of house. The main function is to safe family members for the dust or dirt that enters the house through the roof. Another function is for the house decoration. You can install the beautiful light or arrange the wood. There was lot of ceiling decoration you can use. Start from LED light that has many shapes like flower, abstract style, or just a beautiful bulb arrangement. You can also use wood as decoration, pack it neatly and shaping it as uniquely as possible will make the interior of your home look different and beautiful, of course.

Below, there are some reverences beautiful ceiling design. You can choose which one you love and use them to make your house more beautiful and luxurious.

Install the rose LED light, usually people install this light in their living room or in their family room.



LED form of love light for your girl bedroom. More beautiful and girly is the main goals!



Art ceiling LED, using abstract shape will make your interior design unique and WOW!



Arrange light bulbs in your dining room or in your bedroom


Arrange rectangular woods in your ceiling and add some bulbs or classic fan to make more beautiful.






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Source : Pinterest

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